Vritika (Training and Skill Internship) Scheme-2023


Robotics, IoT and Emerging Technologies

May 22nd to Jun 30th 2023  The date of the Vritika, (Internship is been postponed, Because of some Technical Glitch from SERB, Govt. of India), it will be from 

8th June to 17th July 2023

Kindly visit website regularly for updates. Thank you for your kind cooperation 

Venue: National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur


Prof. Goutam Sutradhar, Director NIT JSR


Dr. Amit Prakash, HoD, Dept. of ECE, NIT JSR


Dr. Jayendra Kumar,  Dept. of ECE, NIT JSR


(Training and Skill Internship)


VRITIKA is the call for initiation and practice in science through research internships. This programme aims to provide opportunities to promising PG/Ph.D. students from universities and colleges to get exposure and hands-on research experience. The scheme is meant to support regular PG level students who are having a strong orientation and potential towards scientific and engineering research and pursuing  their degree from University/ Institution within India, but do not have requisite infrastructure or expertise in their institutions to get such exposure and  motivation. This Robotics and IoT Internship program aims to provide an opportunity for PG and PHD students to gain exposure and hands-on experience in the field of robotics and IoT programming. The program is designed to support students who have a strong orientation and potential towards technical research and programming but do not have the requisite infrastructure or expertise in their institutions to gain such exposure and motivation. The program offers both offline and online options for flexibility, and covers various areas of IoT such as IoT basics, cloud computing, robotics, Arduino introduction, robotics programming, and advanced projects. The program also offers ongoing projects such as IoT-based portable safety device, smart urinal system, drone-based painting mechanism, and home automation system to apply the learning in real-world scenarios. Additionally, the program provides an opportunity for the students to interact with experts in the field of robotics and IoT, offering a chance to broaden their knowledge and explore future research endeavors. Overall, the Robotics and IoT Internship program aims to enhance the students' technical and programming skills, build their profile for future job prospects and higher studies, and prepare them to become competent professionals in the field of IoT and robotics programming.


The objectives of the Robotics and IoT Internship program are as follows:



Students currently enrolled in PG / Ph.D. courses in Science and Engineering Streams from any recognized University / Institute / College in India. 


Interested students can apply for the Vritika Internship through our website: riet.jkumarnitjsr.co.in 

∙The applicant should fill the google form present the website, with this documents in soft copy handy.

(i) Degree certificates / Marksheets

(ii) Copy of Aadhar card (masked aadhar is valid) and

(iii)  Statement of research interest 


Necessary expenses such as, stationery, consumables, accommodation, food, etc. for the participating students will be borne by  the National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur through SERB funding support for the whole workshop period (pro-rata basis). The interns will also be eligible for TA reimbursement for their journey to the host institute from their hometown/home institute in 3AC by Rail, both ways, as per GOI norms. 


The selection of the eligible students for the INTERNSHIP will be done on the merit basis of the application and interest in this field. Previous experience of working in topic will be given preference.


The interns would be assigned tasks /assignment as per the designed research programme by the supervisor/event organizer 

The selected interns should work accordingly and submit work report to the supervisor/event organizer after successful competition of the  internship, failing which no certificate will be issued  

The IP rights (if any) of the research work shall be used by the intern with prior permission from the supervisor/EO only.

The interns shall abide by the rules and regulations of the programme and the host institution. 


Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Asst. Professor

National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur 

For More Details Mail us @ vritika.riet@nitjsr.ac.in

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